Page Statistics

This part includes the quantitative analysis of the website. In addition to the number and size of the total pages you will find a list of all error codes and the analysis of the required click depth.


Links are one of the most important elements of a website when it comes to search engine optimization. This chapter of the report contains an analysis of all internal and external links, the link texts, social media links and linked mail addresses.


This section encompasses an analysis of the individual words which have been used in the website. In addition to the words in the body text, the words used in the individual elements are considered.


Headlines are visible highlights for search engines. The report shows you the number of headlines, the most commonly used headlines and the ratio of headers to the page number.


There are some factors for a good ranking that has to be considered when images are used on a website. In this section you will find the number of images used, the most commonly used images and an analyses of image attributes.


Metadata are not directly visible in the browser, nevertheless they can help to improve your web presence. This part encompasses an analysis of keywords, description and title.


Forms are elements of a website which are provided with buttons and require input from the user. To this chapter belong the number of forms, the form goals and the most common button texts.

Tables & Lists

Tables and lists are frequently used to structure a websites. This section includes the number and size of tables and the number of ordered and unordered lists.


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