Prices and FAQ


€ 19

  • One-time analysis report


€ 49

  • One-time analysis report
  • + Your logo (no cytemap branding)
  • Perfect for web agencies, marketing and advertising companies


€ 299

  • One-time analysis report
  • + 1,5 hours online workshop
  • Professional in-depth analysis of SEO and Usability
  • *

Frequently asked questions

What is cytemap?
cytemap is a fully automatic, detailed analysis of the content and site structure of a website. The goal of cytemap is to illustrate the complex structure of a website in a simple and clear manner. The analysis results are summarized in a PDF report. The contents of the web analytics reports can be found under the menu item features..
How can the report be ordered?
After you request the report via our order form, we will check whether the site can be analyzed by cytemap. If this is the case, you will get a confirmation e-mail. When the report is ready, you will receive notice with a link to download the report.
Why can't the report be submitted via e-mail?
The PDF report cannot be sent via e-mail as the file size is too big. You will receive a download link where you can download the report easily.
Can the cytemap report also be obtained periodically?
Yes, we also offer a monthly analysis. Please contact us for more information.
When will I receive my cytemap report?
We strive to send the report as soon as possible. Depending on the complexity of the website, the analysis can take some time to complete. Usually you get the analysis in 2-5 week days.
How can I pay the report?
You will receive the invoice simultaneously with the download link for the PDF report. Please transfer the payment amount to us up to 14 days after delivery. All necessary information can be found on the bill.
Can sites using HTTPS also be analyzed with cytemap?
Yes, cytemap supports the analysis of HTTPS pages.
Is it possible to analyze Flash sites?
No, the analysis of Flash sites is not possible.
Why is an analysis of page visitors not included in cytemap?
cytemap concentrates on the quality, structure and composition of a website. There are many other tools for the analysis of page visitors available.

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